TEACHING in the Adaptive CPSoS (WASOS) Workshop

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On January the 18th, the coordinator of TEACHING, Davide Bacciu UNIPI, presented "A toolkit for distributed human-centric AI applications over CPSoS", at the "Workshop on Adaptive CPSoS (WASOS)" of the HiPEAC 2023 Conference.

The workshop was co-organized by 5 H2020 projects on CPSoS (Cyber-Physical Systems of Systems), including ADMORPH, CPSoSAWARE, SELENE, TEACHING and UP2DATE, and successfully been held with 33 registered participants. Several subjects were discussed, such as challenges and solutions related to the outstanding CPSoS challenges, namely solutions that explore the possibility of dynamically reconfiguring or adapting the system, focusing on aspects spanning from design to verification and validation.