Successful completion of the TEACHING’s 1st Online Stakeholders’ Workshop

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TEACHING Workshop1

TEACHING’s 1st Online Stakeholders’ Workshop was successfully held online on October 18th, 2022, via the Microsoft Teams platform. The workshop titled “Discover the future of CPSoS applications” attracted a total of 41 participants (12 of whom are project members).

The concept of "systems of systems" has emerged as an active domain of research in recent years at the interface of various disciplines. So, the main goal was to focus on autonomous, adaptive and dependable CPSoS applications and give the participants the perspective of how these applications can be embedded and implemented within a project.

The workshop started with a general project presentation by our coordinator, Mr Davide Bacciu (UNIPI) and then TEACHING’s module owners presented the key features, offerings, and gains of each tool. The last part of the workshop was an interactive session using the SLIDO platform (polls and live Q&A window). This session analysis results will help us understand the current “needs” of the participants and what was more interesting to them regarding this workshop.

The interactive session and the workshop as a whole were very productive and fruitful conversations took place in its duration as TEACHING partners went through several inquiries from our online participants.

Moreover, at the end of the workshop, we shared a 5’minute survey with the online participants to fill in before the workshop closure to get their valuable feedback on workshop organization and explore possible ways of collaboration and further interactions, in the near future.

We want to thank all for attending and for making this workshop a success.

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